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The Chinese market for industrial Ethernet Fieldbus Technologies grew by 18 million nodes in 2012. More than 3 million nodes used Ethernet and the remainder used Fieldbus technology。


Although Fieldbus has a large base of new connected nodes in China, the usage of Fieldbus is not as common as in developed countries such as Germany or the United States. This is mainly because Chinese customers are encountering networking technology much later than those developing countries.


However, the growing speed of Ethernet is quite considerable in China and we think it is a great 松原opportunity for Chinese customers to upgrade their automation system under current market condition. Customers will just jump from old Fieldbus Technologies direct to Ethernet now and actually many of them are doing right now. The Chinese market is currently engaged in extensive upgr模内装潢(IMD)技术愈来愈多地用于替换涂覆操作ading and new infrastructure construction, and that will require a great deal of Ethernet applications.

然而,以太在中国的发展速度非常迅速,我们认为,这是中国用户在目前的市场条件下,升级自动化系统的良机。 用户将直接从旧的现场总线技术跳到现在的以太,实际上,也确有不少的用户正在这样做。中国市场目前正在推动产业升级以及新一轮的基础设施建设,这也将产生大量的以太应用。

In China, international brands are quite influential. This is also true for industrial networking protocols because most of them having their supporting companies. For example, the most popular Fieldbus protocols in China are PROFIBUS and CC-Link, which are dev方孔网eloped and promoted by Sieme其实不断改进已有方案ns and Mitsubishi separately, which command large market share in China.

在中国,国际品牌都相当有影响力。这也适用于工业络协议,因为他们大部分都有各自的支持企业。比如,在中国应用最广的现场总线协议是PROFIBUS 和CC-Link,分别由西门子和三菱这两家在中国市场份额较大的公司开发和推广。

On the other hand, some open protocols also have a large number of nodes connected, and the most representative ones are CANOpen, Modbus and HART. However, all three protocols don t deliver strong functionality, and they are more菌体去除困难 likely to be used in low-end applications for easy connections.

另一方面,一些开放协议也有大量的关联节点,最有代表性的是CANOpen, Modbus和HART。不过,这三个协议在功能上均不算太强,往往被用于易于连接的低端应用。

With the upgrading of old facilities and the construction of new plants in China, customers also are being compelled to upgrade their systems using Ethernet. However, this m高温电炉ove will not only be implemented by the customers, but also by the industrial automation vendors as well.


Most protocols have Ethernet variants. Because of this, many Fieldbus users will turn to the Ethernet of the application, for example, PROFIBUS to PROFINET, CC-Link to CC-Link IE. And the new automation products will also support those new Ethernet connections.

大多数协议有其以太变体。正因为如此,许多太阳镜现场总线用户将应用转向以太,例如,PROFIBUS到PROFINET,CC-Link到CC-Link IE。而新的自动化产品也将支持这些新的以太连接。

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